Ancient genomes reveal social and genetic structure of Late Neolithic Switzerland

20 de abril de 2020

Direct evidence of Neanderthal fibre technology and its cognitive and behavioral implications

9 de abril de 2020

Masticatory Loading and Ossifcation of the Mandibular Symphysis during Anthropoid Origins

6 de abril de 2020

Dating the skull from Broken Hill, Zambia, and its position in human evolution

1 de abril de 2020

The atlas of StW 573 and the late emergence of human-like head mobility and brain metabolism.

16 de marzo de 2020

Earliest African evidence of carcass processing and consumption in cave at 700 ka, Casablanca, Morocco.

16 de marzo de 2020

Economic Diversifcation Supported the Growth of Mongolia's Nomadic Empires

3 de marzo de 2020